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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


vacation's end
we buy another
seed pot

[First published in Notes from the Gean]


Blogger Devika said...

vacation into vocation? :)


9:37 PM  
Blogger Kristin Riggs said...

Very nice, Bill. :)

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Gina said...

beautiful juxt here, for me ..

vacation's end
we buy another
seed pot

the end of vacations when children go back to school or back home after spending time with grandparents ... and the growing of a new seed ...

OR .. the end of vacation at this time of the year, the new seed represents the new year ...

as always, luverly stuff >>> Gina

11:04 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

"seed pot," for those who don't know, is a vessel used by Pueblo Indians of the American southwest to store seeds for next year's planting. They are now sold as art objects and/or souvenirs. Gina's reading suggests some of what motivated the haiku. The hope of returning is also involved. So far, we've made it. We plan to make our fourth trip to Santa Fe in as many years this summer.

Devika, Kristin, and Gina, much appreciated.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Magyar said...

__Thanks for the info, Bill, it provides a different approach to reading your haiku.
__I had wandered off to my own reading, but that is tie magic. _m

6:42 PM  
Blogger Kristin Riggs said...

I didn't know if you would see my reply if I said it on my blog, so I'm posting it here. Are you talking about the Dean Martin song? :) Love it!!!

7:54 PM  
Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...


8:07 PM  
Blogger John McDonald said...

great one Bill

3:32 AM  
Blogger Gillena Cox said...

love this even before reading the seed pot info you gave us Bill, i saw two elements one of ending and another of starting; also of wanderlust and settling again; very nice

much love

4:10 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Thanks for those comments. Kristin, I don't know if Dino recorded the song I'm thinking of. It goes back to the 50s, I think.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Tikkis said...

These pots; keeping the seeds safe from mice etc..?

a tourist resort --
hungry mice

I wonder whether that is a hay(na)ku ?-)

12:52 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

hayku, tikkis? That's a groaner.

7:01 PM  

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