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Sunday, April 17, 2005

thanks dw

dw bender's comment on the previous post, including her beautiful 2-line haiku (She shows us how it's done.) led to this effort:

tell the butterfly
dandelion's a weed
In a moment of madness, I even thought of doing this one in telegraphic style
dandelion a weed
inform butterfly
but I decided against it.


Anonymous jim said...

"in a moment of madness," ehh? :)

11:13 AM  
Blogger Gone Away said...

Bill, so much fun.

Speaking of butterflies, the fritillaries were just having a field day in our backyard until this morning when my husband and I went out and mowed down the tall winter weeds that grow where St. Augustine grass used to be so lush.

A few haiku friends got together on a private mailing list last year and wrote after the styles of several Japanese master haijin, one being Taneda Santoka, master of the shorter haiku, the "new-style verse" of his day. It's always inspiring (and maybe the best learning tool for me)to attempt writing "studio haiku," something like an artist makes copy-paintings or paints in the style of masters.

I left out the "a" in my weed haiku!!! "call it a weed/preferred by the butterfly" is what I should have keyed in. Synapse hits bone again, between my ears this morning. Sigh.

12:22 PM  
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