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Thursday, May 25, 2006

memorial day 2006

war memorial
an eagle descending
on the playground


Blogger sangeet said...

Very nice!


4:48 AM  
Blogger floots said...

this has so many overtones
celebration and threat combined
great piece

5:28 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Thanks sangreet and floots. While we rightly honor those who have served in the past, what of the future? Do we look forward to the prospect of erecting war memorials to the kids now in the playgrounds?

8:15 AM  
Blogger polona said...

several layers in this one. enjoyed!

1:03 PM  
Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

this is just perfect for this weekend -- thanks

2:30 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Thanks, polona and andrew.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Tikkis said...

A strong poem: an eagle; means one of them? What has that one eagle been busy with, and where? And going to play, again, or continue...
Many questions, only Bill knows the answer :-)
Don't tell us!


3:45 AM  
Anonymous p bodhi said...

Memorial Day
i remember the face
of a man in quang tri

5:11 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Don't worry, tikkis, I'll never tell.

p bodhi, another fine poem.

Thanks to both.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous p bodhi said...

thank you.
p bodhi

Memorial Day
the montage of memories
from a chocolate chip cookie

we always looked forward to those
packages from the world.

Memorial Day
I had a friend from Brooklyn
for twenty-three hours

5:22 AM  
Blogger Anonymous Poet said...

Where are you at?

3:36 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

p bodhi, good to year from you.

Anon, the war memorial that inspired this is in a park in western New York state.

4:41 PM  
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