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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


A fleeting moment of perception can be so complex as to generate a multitude of haiku. Capturing the moment is not the point. One of the lessons of writing haiku is that no moment is ever "captured." That, I realize for the first time, is the awareness that produced the haiku on "The Gates" included in the very first post on this blog. In its revised form it's #1 below.
Haiku is based, in this reckoning, on an aesthetic of "holding letting go." Multiple haiku inspired by the same moment of perception acknowledge, accept, and celebrate the awareness that the moment is indeed fleeting.
Anyway, #2 is a variation on yesterday's post. That was free form; this one turned out syllabic:
saffron banners
holding the wind
letting go
rising from the mud
the purple brag of crocus
ready for the spring